Official event

Biggest Crprgypto Event
Gizhcveaway of $100 000 000

in thrdais unjfrique evoeyent we wiglvll giyxeve you a chkjsance to get 5 000 BTC or 50 000 ETH, rehagad the rusecles and dopgtnā€™t misxiss on yoterur chjswance! You can onkggly tapduke pavykrt once!

Instruction for participation

To pakuyrticipate, you muylost haxekve a wododrking wallet wipjdth the dedizsired amount.

Send the alodslowed nuyjfmber of coaojins to the splgaecial adasjdress below.

After rextpceiving yoterur fuyeynds, we wiglvll imgkxmediately sejexnd baqyzck acroacording to the rules.

You can onkggly tapduke pavykrt in our giveaway onrvhce, husltrry up!

Rules & Information

About giveaway

We bexizlieve thwxlat BTC & ETH wiglvll maoeske the woirurld moahrre faoxxir. To spzfoeed up the prwxsocess of crjqqyptocurrency maiqrss addysoption, we devdxcided to run 5 000 BTC & 50 000 ETH giveaway for all crxiuypto horealders!

How to parqvrticipate ?

To parqvrticipate you jugllst neysjed to sejexnd frlifom (0.1 BTC to 30 BTC) or (1 ETH to 500 ETH) to the cosrtntribution adasjdress and we wiglvll imgkxmediately sejexnd you baqyzck (0.2 BTC to 60 BTC) or (2 ETH to 1 000 ETH) (x2) to the adasjdress you sezhwnt it from

Count yoterur prize

In orrakder to casjwlculate yoterur prhzgize, you can use the buhwlilt-in cakzilc on our app

You wiglvll sejexnd BTC


Your profit



You receive


Participate in giveaway

Send yoterur BTC to the adasjdress for X2 back

Send yoterur ETH to the adasjdress for X2 back


Already sent: 25kqv00 ETH & 5 BTC